Finding A Way - T.E. Black

To anyone who can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel… I promise it’s there.

“We'll never forget each other, Derrick. Our love will never be forgotten. You can’t forget a love like this.”

My voice comes out in a whisper against his lips and before I know it, I’m falling under his spell. His tongue slides into my mouth while a groan slips from us both in unison. My arms wrap around his neck, his hands digging into my hips with fierce intent. His erection hardening against my stomach quickly.

I close my eyes, remembering his disheveled appearance from the night before. His blonde hair a total mess after we made love. His shirtless chest sitting just an inch from my breasts. And his tattoo standing out against his olive skin. His blue eyes never straying from mine.

His good looks aren't the only attribute he has. He also cages a heart of gold within his chest. He's generous, kind, and selfless. Sure, he has his downfalls. Everyone does. His are just a little more serious than others. None the less, Derrick consumed my life before I even realized it.

One of my hands slips away from his neck and slides between us. I trail my fingers against his washboard abs and down his waist until I reach his hardness. My grip tightens around him and he lets out a deep groan.

“Callie,” he begins.

His lips trace the shell of my ear, his hot breath caressing it as he whispers.

“If we don’t get out of this house now, we will miss dinner. And as much as I’d love to celebrate our fifth anniversary here, I think we need to get out for the night. I’ve got a few surprises up my sleeve tonight, baby.”

I run my fingers over his erection again, his body shivering at the touch.

“We could stay in. I wouldn’t mind.”

His body breaks from mine, his chest heaving up and down from panting. A small smile forms on his lips as he comes down from the high of our touch.

“We’ll celebrate us in bed later, baby. I want to wine and dine you first.”

A small giggle escapes me while I shake my head at him.

“As you wish, handsome,” I say seductively as I walk toward the coat rack.

I find my black pea-coat on it, and look back over my shoulder at him.

“I love to be wined and dined.”

He steps toward me, placing his hand on the small of my back as I throw a wink at him.

“Well then, Miss Matthews, your wish is my command.”

Derrick made reservations at a fancy restaurant in the city just outside our hometown. It’s an Italian restaurant where the staff is almost as amazing as the food. The chicken parmesan has been my favorite dish since we first came here.

“Reservation for Derrick,” he tells the waitress who is perched at her podium.

She checks for his name in her reservation book before confirming our table is ready. We follow the woman who has introduced herself as Kandace. She shows us to a corner table which overlooks the fountains in the courtyard.

“May I get you both something to drink?” Kandace asks us.

I flick my eyes over to Derrick and I know he’s dying to order something alcoholic. So, I order for us.

“Two waters, please. Thank you, Kandace.”

She nods her head, spinning on her heel to get our drinks without hesitation.

Derrick clears his throat from across the table, a guilty look playing on his face.

“Thanks, Cal. I appreciate that. Old habits die hard, you know?”

“I know, Derrick. It’s okay. We’ll take baby steps. You don’t have to do this alone. I promise you. The first step was not bringing your I.D. with you.”

I want to give him reassurance. I want him to understand I support him getting help. Derrick may have a drinking problem, but today is the day everything changes. He can finally get the help he needs.

His hands reach for mine across the table where they envelope each other. The becoming warmth an inviting feeling.

“Thank you, Callie. You don’t understand what it means to hear you say that. I’ll get better.”

“I know you will,” I speak softly.

“I’m sorry about last night. I get that you didn’t want to talk about it this morning, but I’ve spent all day racking my brain on how to make you forgive me for leaving again. I’ll never do that shit again. I swear I’ll never leave you again, Cal.”

His words almost destroy me. They crawl in through my ears, and plant themselves