Forbidden Love - Lola Stark

Forbidden Love

(Needle’s Kiss #3)

Lola Stark


First and most importantly as always my small humans, for being what you have been and now are. It’s been a long hard road and it may never be smooth or without stepping stones, but it’s ours all the same.

So many minds, talents, hearts and souls go into the making of a book and thanking them in this small section never seems enough, but here it is.

Vanessa, you helped me more than I can ever put into words. The late night writing session, the pep talks, the assurances when I wanted to give up, the ass kicking and the love you gave were endless.

Pebbles, you’re always in my heart, on my mind and just a message away whenever I need you. You’re my pretty rock, babe. Never to be replaced.

Becky, every time you pull through for me. Not just slapping me with your red pen but telling me I can do it, building me up and reminding me there isn’t anything I can’t do. You’re invaluable and I hope to always have you at my side.

Louisa, I couldn’t have asked for a better cover artist, designer and friend. You’re the sweetest chick I know and I’m damn lucky to be able to work with you. I’m so very proud of you for all you’ve accomplished this year, and I look forward to working with you for a long time to come. You’re fabulous!

Sharnah, Bec and Cinta, you ladies are the ones who’ve kept me sane. A drink here, dinner there, words of encouragement when needed. You played your own roles in me finally getting this one on paper.

The pretty penis… What to say here? Cheers to you for making sure I was never frustrated and always distracted.

My Kiss it teamies. You ladies go above and beyond spreading the word and dragging new readers into our little cave. Each and every one of you are badass babes. The handful of girls who helped me stumble along the way, I can’t thank you enough.

Bloggers far and wide, without your awesomesauce pimping skills and love for reading, I wouldn’t be where I am today. If you have shared a link, tweeted a teaser, clicked a cover or bragged about a book, you are a rock star.

My readers, who shared, one-clicked, read, loved and reviewed. You have changed one family’s hopes and dreams with the simple click of a button.

I’ll forever be indebted to you all.

It’s with great pleasure and sadness all rolled into one that I give you all the final book in the Needle’s Kiss series.

It’s been one hell of a ride, babes!

This book is dedicated to my girl, Vanessa.

For all the things you do, for all the moments you’re there and for all the ass you kick.

For reminding me I am in charge of my own happily ever after.

“We can’t do this here, sweetheart,” Jude whispered against my already swollen lips. Standing by the door to my nephew’s room, I was pressed tightly against Jude’s body. He’d come through the front door not a few moments ago and made a beeline upstairs to where I was hoping to sneak in a brief moment before being disturbed by anyone. My heart skipped a beat at the heat in his eyes as his hands held my hips tightly. Stolen moments was what we did best at this point. Not a soul knew we were secretly seeing each other.

“Bathroom. I need you. I need you so badly, Jude,” I told him, my face and wandering hands making it pointedly clear I wasn’t going to wait.

“Your brothers are downstairs and—fuck, don’t do that.” Jude’s groan echoed through the room as I ran my hand along the bulge in his jeans. I loved how quickly I could turn him on. “You’re killing me here, sweetheart.” Jude’s lips came down on mine in a crushing kiss that shot me from antsy to holy-fuck-bang-me-right-here-right-now kind of horny.

“What the fucking hell is this?” Trip’s voice broke through our passionate lip lock and turned my blood ice-cold. Jude moved forward and stood just in front of me; a protective gesture that wasn’t necessary. My brothers wouldn’t hurt me, not in a thousand lifetimes. They wouldn’t hurt him either; I hoped. That thought cut through me as I stared at Mace and Trip, both all but shooting flames from their nostrils.

“Fuck!” I sighed, knowing Hell was about to break loose if I couldn’t rein in the two egos who’d just caught us red-handed.

“Wanna tell me what this shit