An Act of Obsession (Acts of Honor #3) - K.C. Lynn



“I know, Mom, I miss you, too. I’ll see you guys in a few weeks for Thanksgiving. Give Dad and Tess a kiss for me… Okay, bye.”

Hanging up, I climb the stairs to my campus apartment with my bag slung over my shoulder, my legs feeling like jelly from tonight’s rehearsal. But it doesn’t weaken the smile on my face. It’s the same one I always have when I get to do what I love with my whole heart and soul…dance.

The one thing I was born to do.

I think I was the only one who was sad about rehearsal ending early tonight. I would dance every second of every day if I could.

“Hey, Sophie,” Kendra Morrison greets me as she walks out of her apartment, looking like a walking bombshell.

“Hey, Kendra. You look great. Heading out?”

“Yeah. Everyone is over at Kappa Pi, of course I had to work late, but no way am I missing this. Sounds like it’s a big one. You should come once you’re done with lover boy.”

“Lover boy?”

She smiles. “I saw Blaine a little while ago. I believe he’s waiting for you in your dorm,” she tells me, wiggling her eyebrows.

That brings a smile to my face and a flush to my cheeks.

I didn’t even tell him I’d be getting back early.

“Thanks. Maybe we will.”

I hurry my steps, feeling a small sliver of anticipation flow through me. The last thing I had planned when coming to college was meeting a boy. My focus was solely on dance and getting a new start from the disaster I left back home. But Blaine somehow pushed his way past my defenses. We haven’t been dating long but I like him—a lot. Lara, my roommate turned best friend, says all the time how lucky I am to have snagged the college campus heartthrob. She’s right, I am, and the more time I spend with Blaine, the more I think we could have something long-term. I think I’m ready to take the next step with him in our relationship. He’s been so patient with me. I can’t wait to ask him to come home with me for Thanksgiving to meet my family.

Entering my apartment, I frown when the entire place is encompassed in darkness. When I flip the light switch and nothing happens, I still, alarm bells immediately ringing inside of me.


In the midst of silence it suddenly hits me. Like a ton of bricks—a forceful impact to the stomach. It’s as if I can feel his leering eyes on me, eyes I haven’t had to feel in exactly eighteen months and four days, but ones I’ll never mistake.

It can’t be.

My heart pounds like a drum, my entire body breaking out in a cold sweat as fear takes hold of me.

Stay calm, Sophie. Don’t overreact.

“Blaine?” I call out again shakily. “Lara? Are you guys here?”

A sound comes from Lara’s room down the hall. Dropping my bag at the door, I walk across our small living room, my cell phone clutched firmly in hand. I dial 9-1-1, leaving it on the screen just in case, then flip it over and use the flashlight to guide my way.

Another thump comes from her room as I approach. “If this is a joke, you guys, it’s not funny.”

The door is left open a crack. With my heart thundering in my ears and legs quaking, I push it open then shine the flashlight in. What I see has bile rising in my throat and pure terror thrashing through my veins.

Blaine and Lara in her bed, naked. But I can’t even fathom the betrayal because of the blood surrounding them—their eyes lifeless.

A scream of horror bubbles up my throat and explodes past my lips, piercing the air around me. When a figure emerges from the shadows, I turn and run, already knowing who it is.

The feel of his dark presence is something I’ll never forget.

Just as I hit send on my cell phone, his brutal force slams into me from behind, taking me to the ground. A scream rips from me just before I land painfully on my stomach and take out the glass coffee table, the jarring impact knocking the air from my lungs. Not only do I struggle for each breath, but I also try to free myself from the crushing weight on top of me as shards of glass nick my face.

Blood pools in my mouth, the metallic taste making my stomach rebel. I reach out for the phone that lies a foot away from