Beautiful Broken Girl (Broken Girl #1) - Rachael Tonks

I wake to nothing but the sound of beeping.

Am I dead?

My head feels like it’s been slammed against the ground a thousand times. I can’t move my body. What the hell happened to me? Think Kennedy, what’s the last thing you can remember? I slowly open my eyes, wincing at the bright lights, carefully taking in my surroundings. I look to the right and realize the source of the beeping is a machine attached to my chest. I look around and see four white walls and all I can smell is disinfectant. That’s when it dawns on me; I am in a hospital. Everything comes crashing back and the memories flood my mind. How far did I get? Who was it that found me? Were they here to take me back?

I hear voices coming from outside the room and panic instantly grips me. Inside my head I’m screaming. I won’t go back; I can’t go back. I’m careful not to let anything slip from my mouth; I don’t want them to hear me. I can hear my heart beating; it feels like it’s coming out of my chest. The machine starts to beep faster which causes me to panic even more. Desperately clutching at the wires attached to my chest, I rip them off one by one; flinching at the burning sensation it leaves on my skin. I look down to see the one last obstacle attaching me to the bed. A needle in the vein of my arm connected to a drip. I hear knocking at the door. I stop dead in my tracks, stop breathing completely. This is it, it’s over.

I look over as it slowly opens. It’s a woman and she is smiling. She is dressed immaculately and has the most amazing fresh face and curly brown shoulder length hair.

Why is she here? Who is she?

“Hello Kennedy, how are you feeling?”

The panic inside me intensifies as this unfamiliar face walks towards me. I suddenly begin to cry and start shouting, “No! Please let me go, they will find me here, you have to let me go!”

The unknown woman walks closer to me, small steps at a time, reaching her hand towards me she sweetly whispers, “Kennedy you are safe now. My name is Jocelyn and I’m here to help you; please let me help you.”

There is a genuine sound of care and the smooth tone to her voice has a mild calming effect on me. A thousand thoughts run through my mind. How did I get here and where exactly am I? All I remember is running, escaping and the tremendous fear of trying to break free. The woman named Jocelyn points to the chair at the side of the hospital bed. “Do you mind if I sit?” she asks. “Maybe we could talk a while? I can see you’re upset and I really want to help; try to understand. Do you know where you are Kennedy?”

“Why would you want to help me? You don’t even know me! I don’t deserve your help! Just let me out of here,” I lash out.

My breaths are short and shallow and I feel like the walls are closing in on me. I look around searching for an escape route; maybe an open window.

“Nobody is keeping you here. You are at Hoag Hospital Newport Beach and we are trying to help you. You were in such a terrible state when I found you Kennedy; unconscious, covered in blood and near death.”

She found me. Did I get far enough? Did I actually succeed?


I have barely left the comfort of the Peterson’s enormous home.

Jocelyn offered me a place to stay and I guess you could say I wasn’t really in a position to turn the offer down. I am blown away by her generosity; she has been nothing short of amazing to me. I didn’t know this sort of kindness even existed.

Jocelyn’s home is so tastefully decorated; I have never seen anything quite like it. I have totally fallen in love with the grand open floor plan and the sweeping staircase.

Jocelyn has planned and covered practically everything for my stay here. I know it’s not permanent, just until I can find my feet, but for now it is home. A very nice home. It has just been me and Jocelyn for the last couple of weeks; she has been fantastic during my recovery, really taking care of me. I owe her more than I can possibly ever repay. Don’t get me wrong, I do